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01908 673 900

If you would like to receive more information about the services we
provide here at Bon-Viveur,
please call 01908 673 900 or email

Our Locations

Why not drop in for a coffee?

  • Exchange House

    460 Midsummer Boulevard,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK9 2EA

  • Linford Forum

    Rockingham Drive,
    Linford Wood,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK14 6LY

  • Shenley Pavilions

    Chalkdell Drive,
    Shenley Wood,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK5 6LB

  • Countrywide House

    Caldecotte Lake,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK6 1JT


    Sherwood Drive,
    Milton Keynes,
    MK3 6DP

Opening Hours

  • Breakfast

    6.00 am 10.00 am

  • Lunch

    10.00 am 2.00

  • Dinner

    4.00 pm 12.00 pm

  • Desserts

    All Days

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